- "Racing with compassion for those in need"
                                      Charity 200 Race Weekend Pro-Truck Race Procedures

212 Laps – Yellows count but race must finish green, white, checkered. Once the white is thrown if the track is clear to the start finish or leaders are crossing we will finish.

Qualifying – 2 laps. Top 20 are in. If a tie in times the tie goes to the driver who qualified first. 24 Starters in this event. Top ten qualifiers will draw for starting spots Saturday during a mandatory driver, crew chief, spotter, officials meeting. we will take 4 from last chance race or races TBA.

All Pro-Trucks must pass tech before practicing.

Each Pro-Truck must have a spotter, the spotter must use raceceiver system. Each Pro-truck must have a transponder. The cost for the weekend will be $30.

A Spotter for each truck must be in the designated area with Spotter Official, in case of a problem with communications. If you cause or start an issue or fight in the spotters area your truck will be DQ’d. There will not be any of this stuff allowed at this event.
Do not for any reason pass the pace car or truck ! Unless instructed to by race director. Penalty 1 lap or if continued a disqualification !

Start of the race – Flagman will start the race, you are to be side by side and there is no passing until you cross the start finish line.

Re-starts – Double File, Lapped trucks behind lead lap trucks in double file order as well. 
No, passing to the left until you cross the restart line. If you pass to the right, be sure green is out or you will be jumping. Penalty will be two spots per car or truck at next caution or the end of the race.

When caution is displayed the first truck a lap down will be given the Lucky Dog Pass, wait until you are instructed to move around the track. We will do this until lap 175. There will be no free passes after lap 175. When caution comes out, get single file so we can check the order and adjust.Line ups will be checked and given to spotters, spotters will then relay, please do this quickly please. Scoring will go by the transponders at the last completed lap. Then we will call for you to double up. Lap Trucks here go to the top, if trouble spotters get them to bottom and infield as soon as possible.No racing back to the cautions !!!!!! 
When caution is displayed and called slow as quickly and safely as possible. Watch for pace car and get in single file.

Once the pace truck has picked up the field we will begin to sort out line up etc.

If you have an issue and need to go to pits, pull to X and face toward pits so we can get you across. You of course do not lose laps as long as you get back out before the green is thrown, you must go to pit area to do work. Can only change tire if flat, the pit area officials must see and approve it. All other repairs etc.
No fuel can be added unless you are out and the pit official approves and at 1/2 way break.
A track official can pull a fender or bumper, check for safety issues including cleaning windshield if fluid etc. No one else can work on your truck on track, if you go the pits to have anything done you go to the rear, and you can not come back out on the track if the field has taken the green until the officials send you with direction from the race director. 

If you bring out the caution and we feel it is intentional, you will be penalized one lap.
Trucks causing the yellow will go to the rear. 

Judgment calls will be made by race director when clear. Anything not clear, both will go to the rear.
If red comes out stop as soon as safely possible. There can be no working on the car or truck on the track period.

Team can only have two new marked tires for 1/2 way stop & 2 used tires 1 left, 1 right for flats.  6 Tire Race, must Qualify and start race on the same set.

1/2 way break procedures 
A 1/2 way break caution will be thrown at or around lap 106. 
Get in single file as you were running, lap trucks where you are at the time of the caution. 
Pace vehicle will take you through x and out the back pit gate exit, you need to leave as much room as you can on the road as you pull into your pits. No one can touch a truck until all are stopped and in their pits, we will give a signal when you can start your work. 
you will have 20 minutes to do your work and be back on the track in order. A running order will be shown to you as you pull out and given to spotters as well. Lead lap trucks will lineup first, then lap down trucks in order for the second half restart. If you are not out on the track when the 20 minutes is up you will start at the rear. We will give time warnings so please be on the track at end of the 20 minutes. 

You are allowed to do the following during the stop………….3 crew or 2 crew and driver can do the work during the stop !

Change the 2 tires you marked for the stop.
Clean windshield
Any safety issues can be addressed
Give driver a drink, 
new radio
Make wedge, 
sway bar, air pressure, tow adjustments
Spring rubbers in or out ok
Change battery if needed
Repair body or other damage
Minor engine repairs, adjustments ok
Anything other than what is listed and you start at the back ! 
You can not change springs or shocks 

After race top five to front stretch, Crews stay away from trucks except for the photo’s, officials will direct you from there.

Tech procedures - 
2 Crew and driver or owner only with truck and in tech area at all times, unless you are given permission for another to perform what the tech inspectors want done. 
After Qualifying top 10 will come through tech. Carl will tell you what he is checking. Qualifying tires will be impounded for the night, you will take tires to the tire barn as soon as possible after qualifying and tech. Tires will be released Sunday morning 9 a.m.  
After race top 5 go to tech , follow instructions from there. 1-5 on front stretch, then to tech as instructed 6-10 Trucks do not load up until told ok stay in your pits.
Tech items will be decided by the tech officials and told after the race. 

There are no protests taken for this event, we will tech as we have listed and what the tech crew decides. Anyone causing issues in tech will be asked to leave, if they continue your truck can be DQ’d. 

If anyone decides to cause or be involved in a fight after the event, your truck will be DQ’d 

Payoff will occur once all racing & tech is complete. We will be as quick as possible, please be patient. If you are going to donate your pay please let us know so we do not wait for you. We will have a donation jug at the window, Rick will be there and you can give to him. Again it is up to you what you give. Rick will hand out any awards & contingencies then as well. Payoff will be at the front speedway office inside.

If you do not arrange prior to end of night for your payoff to be mailed to you and do not pick up in the time after the tech and racing is done, we will consider it as being donated.
Drivers/Owners you are responsible for the actions of your crew or others tied to your team. Please ask them all to act professional and remember this is for fun and a good cause.

We will take a group pre-race photo so please be ready for that. All Pro- Trucks must be out for autograph session.

Good luck to all drivers and their teams and thank you for your support !